Wakefield & District

Support Group

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We are a very active group at Wakefield and like to think that we organise events and get togethethers that over the year suit everyone. We meet regularly at our official "home" - Sharlston Comunity Centre as well as organising meals, awareness events, days at the races etc.


We don't expect that you have to attend every event and quite often most people pick and chose events that suit them, their lifestyle and also (as well all know) how they are feeling at the time.


All meetings are relaxed and are there to provide support, friendship and a general place to go where all things fibro will be understood.


To find out more about what events we have coming up please see our facebook page below or contact us and we will be happy to give any details we can.


Meeting Dates 2019:-

Tuesday 20th August

Tuesday 17th September

Tuesday 15th October

Tuesday 12th November

Tuesday 3rd December – Xmas meal - Island Truffles and Treats @ Sharlston with Andrew Lloyd.


Meeting Dates 2020:-

Tuesday 7th January

Tuesday 4th February

Tuesday 3rd March

Tuesday 31st March

Tuesday 28th April

Tuesday 26th May - Wakefield Fibro Group 10th Birthday!

Tuesday 23rd June

Tuesday 21st July


Hope to see you soon!